Air of Adonis

The Beasts of My Heart, Beat


Reverberating Upwards Into Heaven

Just To Hear God Cry.

A Crown of Two Horns

Nestled Upon My Temples.

What Lies Within Be The Altar of My Rationality,

My Mental.

Yet, In Art,

Of love,

This Statuesque Vision, Contorts My Heart

The Drug, My Heroine

Above The Doves and Upon The Throne

This Seraphim,

With Proclamations of Glories

And Holy Stories Corrupted By Man,

And Woman,

And Man

By Woman.

I Have Sinned, Mi Amor

As The Piano Keys Sing

With The Horns

As Though Pristine Virgins

Sing A Ballad With Whores,

You Caress My Coarse Hands

As I Applaud My Theodora

With Great Beauty and Youth,

She Blossoms As One

With The Flora.

Into Your Lovely Chambers,

Flows Out Both Milk And Honey,

Brought About By The Embers of My Scorching Tongue,

And As The Emblem Of My Lung

You Are Air.

Heir of Adonis, With The Silken Hair Of A Lost Goddess

Oh Find Your Way Back,

Back Away Into Modest And Awaiting Arms.

I Will Love You Over All The gods

And Trample The Devil

With Raging Chariots O’er The Mud

And Still The Beasts Of My Heart,

Will Beat

They Beat

And Beat

© S E U Nx

© Seun Gun Photography
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